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Freedom's Choice - Anne McCaffrey

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Freedom's Choice - Anne McCaffrey

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They had called the planet Botany, after the former penal colony on Earth. For they were prisoners of other worlds who Catteni hated banished to an empty planet - or what they thought was an empty planet. Kris Bjornsen and her fellow slaves survived very well - and one of the reasons was that among them was Zainal, a high ranking Catteni who was also trapped on Botany as they were. Zainal knows the ways and technology of his people, and he plans to fight back. Because, as he explains, the Catteni also were victims - subject to the powerful and terrifying race Eosi, which uses them as a galactic police force - and also to use them for more gruesome and terrifying acts. Zainal's daring and secret plans hooked another mystery. Who did Botany really belong to? Who created the giant grain warehouses - the gigantic machinery plowing large fields? The new inhabitants of Botany called the "Farmers" awaited the day when they would come to harvest their crops. And when that happened, the refugees were impressed into silence for the Farmers were larger than the entire universe had ever seen.

Anne McCaffrey
Well-loved - has obvious creases on spine and cover. Has been read a few times. Some yellowing of pages may be present.
Corgi Books
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