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Our Story

“Pre-loved classic available for adoption. Would best suit family home with young children and comfortably crowded bookshelf.”

“Murder mystery seeks thrill-seeker with penchant for plot twists, a strong stomach and a craving for goose bumps.”

“Collectable science-fiction looking for long-term relationship with dedicated geek. Conversational knowledge of Doctor Who and DVD Star Wars library essential. Hipsters need not apply.”

Are you searching for a favourite story from your childhood to share with your own children?

Already worked your way through your own collection and looking for new inspiration?

Or perhaps you’re just trying to find the perfect gift or holiday read?

At The Reading Nest, we help find new homes for books in need. Great care is taken to find just the right book. It is important to us that all books have clean pages with no inscriptions. We believe in finding quality books not just quantity. All books are priced on condition.

Our mission is to bring homeless books in from the cold, and allow them to settle into our cosy nest until we can find their perfect match.

From real-life to romance, comedy to chick lit, adventures to autobiographies, travel guides to true crime and much, much more – The Reading Nest is the place for you, if you can offer a good home to a vintage or second-hand book.

Our hope is that, as you browse through our library, you’ll find many happy memories and even experience your own, ‘Oh, I found it!’ moment.

With all the beautiful titles available in our online book store, it seemed only fitting that stationery and gifts should join our nest.

We love beautiful things in our home and office; we know you will enjoy them too.

So please, be our guest and take a few minutes to browse through our little shop, and remember, somewhere in here is the perfect book for you.

Adopt a homeless book, today.

Here's what some of our customers have to say.

" I received the books. They were so beautifully wrapped and my daughter was so excited to open them. Thanks so much," - Kaveeta

" Excellent Service!" - Tania